All About North York Plasma Rich Growth Factor

We pride ourselves on always keeping a keen eye to the latest dental innovations and that includes North York plasma rich growth factor techniques. This latest advancement works hand-in-hand with dental implants to foster a speedy healing process.

This is an exciting new treatment that we would like to tell you about. North York plasma rich growth factor is showing some major promise. Recent studies have shown that it helps to speed up healing with dental implants.

Grow Soft Tissue and Bone

Researchers are excited because this process uses the body’s own healing powers to grow soft tissue and bone. Most people are aware that gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis can require surgery.

This is one of the latest areas where plasma rich growth factor techniques have shown a lot of promise. There are several different types of dental surgery to combat gum disease. This procedure is considered a completely safe way to speed up healing. There’s hardly any risk because the natural processes involved in healing are only accelerated.

Different Ways to Attack the Problem

As far as gum disease is concerned, there are several different ways to attack the problem. Root planing and deep scaling are generally two of the most common options.

If there’s bacteria and tartar lodged deep in the pockets of your gums, surgeons can opt for flap surgery. This actually involves lifting the gums for they can be cleaned can be safely and effectively.

North York plasma rich growth factor is an organic treatment that can be used for any of these types of surgeries. There are quite a few advantages to this particular treatment. One of the better ones is there’s a high concentration of white blood cells that also help to promote healing.

Several Other Treatment Options

There are several other treatment options when it comes to gum disease. Tissue grafting is another solution that can be explored. A dental surgeon takes tissue from one part of your body and reattach as it at the points where your gums have receded. As part of this process, we can take some blood to be used later after the surgery is over.

Newtonbrook Dental has a number of services where Plasma rich growth factor tools have an important place. For example, the North York dental implants we have in our inventory use this technique as part of the recovery process.