A Few Tips for That First Trip to A North York Children’s Dentist

Many parents are surprised to find that the recommendation is you bring your child into a North York children’s dentist before they turned one year old. While some parents think that’s a little too soon, people should understand that piece of advice is supported by groups like the American Dental Association.

There are several good reasons why you should start familiarizing your son or daughter with the dentist early. The first one is obvious.  By getting an early start that will put them on a path of outstanding dental habits that will last a lifetime, North York children’s dentist professionals can head off any problems before they become bigger issues. Many different things about your child’s dental health are obvious even before they get a full set of permanent teeth.

One of the biggest advantages is making sure your child becomes familiar with the dentist early. Bring them into a clinic to see the hygienists. As well, the staff up front will help if they are feeling anxious. There’s even some research that says starting early will help them avoid feeling any kind of anxiety later in life.

When your son or daughter is getting their first baby teeth, an examination can even find decay early on. There are several factors like certain kinds of baby food and without proper brushing techniques, they can put these emerging teeth at risk.

These kinds of routine examinations can give you some helpful suggestions as well as head off any larger problems. Making sure you build a routine with your North York children’s dentist can keep more expensive treatments like space maintainers, fillings and caps at bay. Sometimes there are issues that could be addressed at earlier time before they get more complicated. For example baby bottle syndrome is an important factor that would lead to an early and rapid and rampant decay of baby teeth.  It happens when the child sleeps with a bottle of milk or sweet drinks in his mouth. Over night it can destroy the tooth structure and would lead to a very early cavity.  If we can see the chid earlier we can prevent that and educate parents and show them how to take care of it.

What to Expect from Your North York Children’s Dentist

You should expect that very first visit to be thorough, but not necessarily invasive. Taking a quick look at your child’s dental history is one big part. These dentists will also ask a few questions about your toddler’s teething and eating habits and will want to know a thing or two about their dental routine at home.

Quite often the parents can be involved in that first dental visit. To make sure that any professional has the best view and access, mom or dad might be asked to help position your child properly.

After that very first visit when you and your child have formed a new relationship with a North York children’s dentist, they’ll put together a treatment plan you can follow.

Preparing Your Child

Everyone wants to be sure that first introduction to the dental world goes smoothly and productively. Parents can have a big part in getting their children ready. Here’s a few tips so that everyone will get the most out of very first visit.

Tiring your son or daughter out the day before is a great idea. That way they’ll be ready to go to bed early and wake up refreshed on the day of their appointment. Parents can also write down any observations and questions they want to discuss with their North York children’s dentist professional.

If you’ve been using any dental products at home, you should bring them with you. Your dentist may have some questions about your routine and be able to tweak it to everyone’s benefit.

Here’s a few thoughts that you can take with you after that first checkup is in the books. It’s important to frame up that first visit properly. Your child should know that it’s going to be a regular occurrence and the dentist is there to help them maintain a beautiful smile. A North York children’s dentist could be a partner for life

North York Family Dentist Best Brushing Tips

If you are like most people, you’ve been brushing your teeth since you were a child. However, our North York family dentist team thinks that you might have been doing it the wrong way. There’s a lot more to brushing your teeth correctly than you might have imagined.

Here’s a few best brushing tips you might have missed.

Take Your Time (The Right Amount!)  

Proper oral hygiene is about making sure that you time yourself. Most of us understand that we need to put a little block of time aside in the morning and evening to brush our teeth. However, the amount of time that you actually use the brush inside your mouth is critical.

Our North York family dentist team likes to tell our patients that proper brushing takes around two minutes. If you cut corners and time, you’re more than likely going to miss some teeth and perhaps even cause yourself a few dental issues down the road.

Here’s an excellent tip. An electric toothbrush often comes with a timer to make the whole process simpler. You can even look for an app on your smartphone.

Brush Your Tongue

Here’s another interesting little tidbit that you might get to file under the ‘did not know that’ category. One of the places where bacteria likes to hide in your mouth is on your tongue. Making sure that you have an outstanding oral hygiene routine means brushing your tongue and your teeth.

It’s not as hard as it might sound. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush or even by a tongue scraper. Besides getting rid of all that nasty bacteria, your breath will also smell fresher.

Making sure that you have enough time to do everything properly is also very important. We’ve talked to a lot of patients who rush through their oral hygiene routine, and we like to tell them they’re more than likely pay for that in the end.

Block of Time

Put together a nice block of time, get yourself the right tools and formulate a plan of attack. There’s another interesting part and of course that’s technique. Brushing too fast and pushing too hard can actually do more harm than good. We’ve seen many cases of gum disease start with overenthusiastic brushers who push a little too hard and use of firm bristle toothbrush

Choose the Right Foods

When you come in and talk to our North York family dentist specialists, they want you to leave with all the information you need about a good oral hygiene routine. We are only too happy to share all the information with everyone in your family. We will help you with the right techniques for brushing and even suggest the right kind of toothbrush.

We can also suggest some foods that actually help to clean your teeth while you eat them. Most fruits and vegetables act like this. Chewing on a carrot for instance can help you knock down any plaque that’s building up on your teeth. As well, if you’re looking to put a stop to the kind of bacteria that can cause problems consider sugarless gum.

Stay Engaged

The last tip is about staying engaged with your dentist. It’s important they know what’s working for you and what isn’t doing the job when it comes to brushing and flossing. Having a comprehensive oral care plan means getting rid of what doesn’t work and expanding on what does.

It’s important to team up with your dental professional so that you can achieve your oral health goals. Our North York family dentist is always available to help.

Our North York Dental Hygiene Services Provide Some Habits to Avoid

Our North York dental hygiene services tell all of our patients that your teeth are meant to last you an entire lifetime. Because we want each and every one of our patients to be knowledgeable about how to look after them, we’ve put together a list of the habits that are bad for your smile.

 Not Having Regular Checkups

Even though these are busy times for most people, there’s no excuse for missing your regular dental hygiene appointments. Although we understand that some people have personal reasons, or are anxious about coming to the dentist at all, there are some consequences for missing routine visits.

Not taking the time to come in to see us can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and other problems. Here’s a helpful tip so that you can keep your smile looking bright for years to come. We suggest you take advantage of our North York dental hygiene services once every six months and include a professional cleaning.

One more thing. When you do come in to see us always mention any changes you’ve notice with your gums or teeth.

Using the Wrong Tools

Lots of us have had something stuck between our teeth and not had our dental floss handy. However, you need to keep in mind that paperclips are made for holding paper and not cleaning your teeth. The point here is that you should only use the proper tools for your dental hygiene. Toothpicks aren’t really made to bang up against your gums and certainly pieces of paper can cause nasty cuts.

There’s an easy solution. Carry around a small container of dental floss. That way it’ll always be handy after you’ve had a meal on the go.

Using Your Teeth to Open Packages

Let’s have a show of hands now. How many who are reading this have tried to open a package of chips or cut through something using your teeth. Even if you get away with opening the package of Doritos once or twice, you might be causing micro cracks that can cause bigger problems over time.

Taking just a few extra seconds to grab a pair of scissors can make all the difference to keeping your smile bright for a lifetime.

North York dental hygiene services are ongoing. If you take the time to come in for a consultation, we can help you put together an excellent oral hygiene routine. Generally, these involve flossing and brushing. Our dental staff is always more than happy to help you by suggesting the right kind of toothbrush and the proper ways to brush and floss.

That way, you can avoid some of these bad habits that can cost you in the long run. Here’s a few more of these that you should avoid. Most of them involve rushing or trying to get something done quickly.

Chewing on Hard Objects

Chewing on pencils, biting your nails or even enjoying hard candy or ice could cause big problems for your teeth. Of course, you can splinter or crack them but there’s more to it than that. Research tells us that biting on any kind of object can introduce bacteria that can cause problems down the road.

If you stop and think about the places that pen has been and how many other people touched it before you put it in your mouth, the chances are you’ll be able to avoid the issue altogether.

Some of these bad habits that you should avoid are more obvious than others. For example, pretty much everyone knows including experts at our North York dental hygiene services that you need to avoid tobacco.


Nicotine makes your teeth yellow and what’s worse can even cause cancer in your mouth. All the medical evidence points toward the fact that chewing tobacco is even worse. Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of sports drinks as well as dinner wine can cause big problems. Most of these liquids contain a lot of sugar and acid that help to build bacteria and work on the enamel in your teeth.

Our North York dental hygiene services are proactive and can help you maintain a beautiful smile.