Dental Implant Surgery

The ABC’s of North York Dental Implant Surgery

Over the years, we have found that some people who were missing teeth or wear dentures become self-conscious. We suggest North York dental implant surgery for others who don’t want to have a good tooth shaved for a bridge as well.

There are a variety of excellent reasons why we like to suggest North York dental implant surgery. Not only are they an excellent way to replace teeth that you’ve lost, they actually blended seamlessly with your other healthy molars. If you’re looking to restore your smile these are an excellent option for long-term success.

From our perspective, we always like to tell our clients who are sitting on the fence dental implants are considered a breakthrough. In fact, most dental professionals consider this cosmetic dentistry procedure the biggest advancement in four decades.

Titanium Implants

Most of the implants on the market today are made up of titanium. Now, when patients first hear that, some of them get a little nervous, but there’s no reason. That material as well as any of the other ones found in dental implants are accepted by the human body.

Here’s another advantage to having this procedure done. In the beginning, titanium posts are inserted in the lower or upper jaw. That means several different things including the fact your new dental implants are permanent. It also means that you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods and taste all the flavors. Quite often, dentures have a template that cover over the taste buds in your mouth so you only taste some of the food you like the most.

North York Dental Implant Surgery Has Other Benefits

There are some other benefits to this type of surgery. For example, you’ll be able to speak normally with dental implants and that’s not always the case with dentures. Because dentures slip, some patients report they have a hard time speaking with the confidence they did with their original teeth.

The Process 

Here’s a brief overview of the process so you’ll feel comfortable when the surgery process starts. The first step is to make sure that your new dental implant has a solid anchor. That’s why our dentists start by putting posts into your jawbone. There will be a brief recovery. Afterwards we suggest a diet of warm soup and soft foods to give this new anchor a chance to heal.

The next part of the process takes a little time since it runs on a natural clock. Osseointegration is the big name that we give to the time it takes for your new post and jawbone to heal and become one. The word itself translates into combining with the bone so it takes a little time.

Over the Post

Sometimes, this part of the North York dental implant surgery process can take several months.  On the other side of the coin, there are patients who can have the replacement tooth fitted over the post all in one visit. If you come in and have a consultation with our dental team, they will be able to tell you which category you fit in.

The last stage of the process is where the artificial tooth actually gets placed over the post. If you’re having one tooth replaced, we are always happy to put together a customized crown. For a replacement that includes more than one tooth, there are other options.

Dental implants are a wonderful improvement to your smile. If you are interested, you should come in and have a consultation with us. We’ll answer all of your questions in depth about North York dental implant surgery and anything else you’d like to talk about.