North York Cerec Crowns

These are one of the most attractive and long-lasting dental appliances that we work with. North York Cerec Crowns have many different advantages. One that we hear the most about is the fact that this high quality ceramic material actually matches the colour of your original teeth.

Of course, one of the other big ones is the fact that there’s quite often only one appointment needed. We decided to use this particular type of crown because of our commitment to each and every one of our patients.

Complete Dental Care

Newtonbrook Dental office in North York is committed to your complete dental care regardless of your age or economic means. We are a family dentistry office in North York that is dedicated and committed to making sure you get the very best in education, advice and care. Our services are always geared toward your individual needs.

We understand the different folks have different dental requirements. Our experts are always ready to make sure that you get exactly the dental care that you need. Your beautiful smile is our number one priority and the reason we are in the dental field to begin with.

Experience in the Field

These North York Cerec Crowns are evidence of that. We chose this particular company because they have over 20 years of experience in the field. They are backed by both practical research and clinical experience. Their professionalism and dedication is evident as they have more than 8 million restorations to their credit.

When we look at all the different options for this kind of dental service, they were the obvious choice because they shared our dedication to bring you the very best.

The process is innovative and digital. It involves a milling machine, a computer and camera all together. It’s the height of innovation. The process starts will we take a picture of the tooth that’s damaged.  The digital impression is transferred to the computer monitor where the dentist takes over to design the restoration.

Latest Innovations

These North York Cerec Crowns are all part of our dedication to finding the latest innovative dental services. It’s important to us that we keep your beautiful smile looking wonderful for a lifetime. That’s why we leave no stone unturned and have always looked to the latest digital technologies.

The results are outstanding. Many of our clients tell us they surpass expectations. Our patients only need to wait for about an hour to get that smile fixed and their confidence restored. This kind of single visit hassle free convenience is what our North York clients told us they wanted and we responded immediately.

There are some other advantages to this type of restoration. Beyond the kind of high-tech precision that we’ve all come to expect from the digital world, this is a restoration that’s tooth coloured. Perhaps best of all, they also work to preserve the healthy material in the teeth around them by keeping everything aligned.

Variety of Services

If you take a minute to look through our website you’ll see that we offer a variety of services and something for every member of your family. Our general family dentistry practice is comprehensive and friendly.

People talk about our kids’ dentistry service. Our patients in North York rave about how our caring staff treats all ages with respect and dignity. Of course, we have one of the finest cosmetic dentistry practices anywhere in North York. Finally, we are very proud of the fact our dental implants can provide you with that perfect smile.

Of course, you can’t forget about our North York Cerec Crowns when you’re looking at everything we can do for you. Please get in touch today.