Dental Veneers in North York

Newtonbrook Dental office in North York offers the best in cosmetic dentistry services including North York dental veneers that will brighten your smile. This cosmetic dentistry solution can alter your smile dramatically. Basically, veneers are made out of composite or porcelain. They are very thin and they cover the edges of your teeth changing both the shape and colour as well as the alignment.  Each of these two materials have their own properties.  For example Porcelain veneers are stronger and have more natural looking bur are more expensive.  Composite veneers are less expensive and are made in one sitting so it’s easier to make.

Aging is one of the reasons that our patients come to us and ask about North York dental veneers. As we enter our golden years, our teeth show the wear and tear of our age. Quite often our clients come to us with chips and cracks. Because they want to have a wonderful smile well into their golden years, they ask about the different treatments possible.

Beautiful Smile

We always like to tell them that losing your teeth as you age is a myth. We have a variety of different services designed to help you keep a beautiful smile as you get older. Still, there are a few issues that we like to tell our patients about that seem to be inevitable as the years go by.

For example, micro cracks in our teeth often hold stains. As well, our teeth actually become shorter as we get older because of the years of grinding and biting down on the foods we love.

Our North York Dental Veneers Process

We need to shave the teeth just a bit at the beginning of this procedure. Of course, our technicians and dentists are all highly trained and compassionate. They’ll walk you through the entire process. Our number one priority is making sure that you feel comfortable with everything that we do.

After your teeth have been prepared, we will send an impression to the laboratory that we use. In the interim you’ll get temporary veneers. We like to make sure that we do everything in a careful and well-thought-out way. Taking the impression is done with an unsurpassed attention to detail.

Porcelain veneers are much stronger than their composite cousins and we recommend them. They go through a process where they are put into an oven and glazed. That makes them much less likely to get discoloured. Our dentists even tell our patients to drink as much coffee as you want!

Our Newtonbrook Dental office in North York wants you to be relaxed and comfortable when you come in for a dental visit of any kind. We are a family dentistry practice that has several decades of experience. In that time, we’ve learned all about the special needs different cases. We take the time to listen to your unique and individual requirements.

Great Reputation

That’s why we have a great reputation for putting together individual service packages. They keep your smile bright and your mouth healthy. Our professional dental services include everything from orthodontic work, to major restorations and even cosmetic dentistry.

We like to look at your smile as a science and art form at the same time. We use the finest laboratory and have outstanding dental technicians on staff to look after your North York dental veneers. For us, it’s a labour of love because we treat each and every one of our patients like a member of our family.

Because we love all kinds of innovation and not just the dental variety, you can find us on Facebook and a host of other social media platforms. Our Newtonbrook Dental office in North York wants to be your one stop shop for all of your North York dental veneers needs.