Mini implant consent form

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I hereby consent to the surgical insertion of one or more mini dental implants, which will be performed by Dr. Mark Safari, General Dental Surgeon.

I have been informed and understand that transitional or mini implants are available to those dental patients who meet specific criteria. These mini implants are smaller in diameter than traditional implants. They are placed in a patient’s jaw to provide immediate stabilization of teeth and enhance function. I am aware that the longterm function cannot be predicted.

I understand that in the event that the mini dental implants fail they will be removed through a subsequent surgical procedure. I further understand that it is possible that one or more of the implants may fracture during insertion, or during the implant’s life cycle. In the event that such a fracture occurs, I give permission to leave the fractured implant in my jaw if indicated by my dentist’s clinical judgment. It has also been explained to me that once the mini implants are inserted or implanted, a recommended dental treatment plan, including a of personal oral hygiene must be strictly followed by me and completed on schedule. I have been informed that if this schedule and plan are not carried out, the implants may fail.

I have been advised that swelling, infection, bleeding, and or pain may be associated with any surgical procedure. I have also been advised that temporary or permanent numbness may occur in my tongue, lips, chin, gum or jaw.

I hereby consent to the surgical placement of dental implants as well as the denture prosthetic portion of the mini implants which will be inserted once healing is fully successful and ready for integration of the denture.

I understand that the purpose of the mini implants is to provide support for dental prosthetic reconstruction in the form of denture, or to provide orthodontic anchorage. Most patients need two surgical procedures to install the implants. The first procedure involves drilling small holes into the jawbone and placing the anchors. You will be given anesthetic to numb the pain. You will also be put on antibiotics and be given pain medication. A temporary denture or flipper may be worn for a few months while the anchors bond with the jawbone and the gums and bone heal. The second procedure which usually will occur 3-6 months after mini implant placement, will uncover the implants to allow for attachment of the posts. After the posts are in place, the denture(s), are fastened to the posts. Depending on the condition of the mouth, bone grafting or guided tissue regeneration also may be necessary to install the anchors and posts.

At present, we cannot predict the length of time dental implants will provide service in the oral cavity. I know that smoking lowers the chances of implant success in direct proportion to the amount smoked. I understand that in the event the implant fails to integrate, it must be removed through a second surgical procedure, and there can be no refund of all or part of the fee for the lost implant.I understand the alternative conventional dental treatment options and I am aware of the consequences of receiving no treatment.

The potential benefits of this procedure include the replacement of missing natural teeth or supporting dentures. I have chosen to undergo this procedure after considering the alternative forms of treatment for my condition, which include no treatment at all, complete or partial dentures, or fixed or removable bridges. Each of these alternative forms of treatment has its own potential benefits, risks and complications.

I consent to the administration of anesthesia or other medications before, during or after the procedure by qualified personnel. I understand that all anesthetics or sedation medications involve the very rare potential of risks or complications such as damage to vital organs including the brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys; paralysis; cardiac arrest; and/or death from both known and unknown causes.

I understand that the implant surgery and prosthetics will be done in the established way and that the risks in the front of the mouth consist of the usual ones associated with simple gum surgery including, but not limited to pain, swelling, bruising, infection and bleeding. Additional complications have been reported for implant surgery in the back of the mouth; they consist of loss of sensation to the tongue, cheeks or lip on the treated side in the lower jaw, and the creation of a communication between the sinus and the mouth on the treated side in the upper jaw. Other complications may include trauma to the nerve tissue or blood vessels that may lead to loss of sensation of lip tongue check or other tissues in the mouth or altered sensation or pain. These complications would require further surgery for correction.


I agree to make every effort to return for follow-up visits for hygiene and exams three months, six months, one year, eighteen months and two years after the surgery and to have the needed x-rays taken as well as any cleaning and adjustment procedures needed to keep my mouth healthy at the usual and customary fees, but I am aware that this is entirely voluntary on my part. Keeping your gums and teeth healthy by coming for hygiene visits every 3-4 months is one of the best ways to take care of your implants.

Photographs and clinical data might be used in scientific papers and presentations and the confidentiality of the patient will be respected.

certify Ithat I have read or had read to me the contents of this form. I will follow any patient instructions related to this procedure. I confirm that the proposed treatment and potential risks and/or complications associated with the procedure have been explained to me. I understand the potential risks, complications and side effects involved with any dental treatment or procedure and have decided to proceed with this procedure after considering the possibility of both known and unknown risks, complications, side effects and alternatives to the procedure. I declare that I have had the opportunity to ask questions and all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

I am aware that I must return for appropriate postoperative care and evaluation, which will include evaluation of oral hygiene and plaque removal. I also understand that function and comfort will be the primary goals of this dental procedure but that success rates for each patient vary. With that in mind, no guarantees of success have been given to me. I have also been informed that use of tobacco, including cigarette smoking, as well as excessive alcohol consumption can cause failure of dental implants.

I confirm that I have explained the proposed treatment and potential risks and/or complications associated with the procedure.

I certify that I have read and fully understand the above consent of treatment, and I am fully satisfied with the explanations given to me by Dr. Mark Safari

Once fully read and reviewed, please make sure that the above document is filled out appropriately. By signing below and submitting this document, we are assuming that it has been read in its entirety. All patient signatures will be verified for authenticity in the office.

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