North York Hygienic Teeth Cleaning Tips for Water Flossers

We talk to our patients quite often about North York Hygienic Teeth Cleaning. They ask us about different types of water flossers available on the market and which ones are best. We always tell them there are a variety of ways to clean your teeth. However, nothing replaces a good oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing.

That doesn’t mean water flossers aren’t a good add-on.

Here’s a few things you should know about this dental appliance.

· There’s a tip especially made for people wearing orthodontics. It has a tapered brush on one end that helps to remove bacteria and plaque from braces. This tip gets underneath the gum and around the teeth to knock food debris out.

· Another tip for this North York hygienic teeth cleaning device is especially designed to attack plaque that can build up around dental work. You’ll need to replace this one every three months but it works well on crowns, veneers, bridges and dental implants. There is a technique involved. You should place the tip up against the teeth so the bristles are gently touching your enamel. Glide the tip along the very top of your gums and stop between each tooth.

North York Hygienic Teeth Cleaning and Replacing the Tips

The tips for your water flossers are a lot like a toothbrush in that they need to be replaced from time to time. We suggest that you replace them every six months because minerals build up and reduce the kind of performance you’ll get.

If you use a tip with bristles, you should cut the replacement time in half and get a new one every three months. In between changing them out, you can clean water flossers tips.

On most models, there is an eject button. All you need to do is push it to remove the tip. A solution of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is the best way to disinfect and clean this part of the appliance.

Soaking the tip in this solution for 5 to 7 minutes gets the best results.

Remember that no set of oral hygiene tips would be complete without a few words on the right toothbrush. Soft bristle choices are the best for your gums and enamel. The best North York hygienic teeth cleaning routines involve brushing, flossing and using water flossers for excellent results.