The ABC’s of North York Bone Grafting

North York bone grafting might sound like an intimidating procedure until you start to understand all the details. Sometimes, our dental implant patients need a solid foundation to anchor these dental appliances. Titanium implants fuse with your jaw. No one wants the implants to slip or cause damage to existing bone.

Your jawbone might be too thin to anchor a dental implant. That’s were North York bone grafting comes in. Like the name implies, some bone is transferred to your jaw to make it more stable. It usually takes several months for the jawbone to heal up so we can move forward with implant surgery.

The North York bone grafting techniques we use supply a foundation for new bone to grow. These bone grafts are useful for treating different conditions like fractures and any kind of injury.

North York Bone Grafting Options

There are lots of options to chose from. If you need a bone graft, we’ll be able to match you up with the right type after a consultation. Basically, the choices come down to either natural or synthetic materials.

Biological choices come down to two different categories. Surgeons can remove bone from your body and transfer it. Or, they can take the bone from a deceased person.

There are some man-made substitutes that we can consider together too. These include calcium sulfate which is an affordable choice. There’s a big bonus to using this material which is also called gypsum. It’s a great material that supports existing bone graphs.

There are also several different ceramic bone graft choices.

What to Expect from North York Bone Grafting

We always recommend that patients take it easy for several days after the operation. That means you should take your time when you get up from a lying down position. If you’ve taken prescribed pain medications after the surgery, standing up quickly can make you dizzy.

Keep in mind that you had surgery so a sore throat and some other pain when you are swallowing isn’t that uncommon. The reason is simple. The muscles in your throat gets swollen during the operation. This will go away in two or three days.

It’s a good idea to wait until the local anesthetic wears off before you take any prescribed pain medication. That’s usually 3 to 8 hours after the North York bone grafting operation.