Family North York Dental Services You Can Trust

Newtonbrook Dental office in North York is committed to making sure you get the North York dental services you need. We have a team of dedicated dental professionals who put your oral health first. It doesn’t matter whether your children are beginning to get their teeth or you’re a senior citizen, we have a variety of general dental services for you.

Why not take a few minutes and look at the different dental techniques we have at our disposal? Each and every one of these North York dental services is designed to give you a smile that will last a lifetime.

North York Extractions

Staying on top of all of your family’s dental needs means understanding when we can’t save a tooth. Sometimes, a North York extraction is the only route to preserving the rest of your teeth and your overall dental health.

There are a variety of reasons why we might need to extract a particular tooth. It might be broken or chipped beyond repair. We’ve even seen many instances where one tooth is crowding the others and needs to be taken out.

Regardless of the reason, our professional dental team has all of the very best technologies available. Our North York dental services include the right kind of sedation or anesthetic. In other words, there’s no reason to feel apprehensive or nervous. Our North York extractions are painless. What’s more, we can even offer a variety of replacement techniques including dental implants to make up for the lost tooth.

North York Family Dentistry

We have experienced dentists who understand that you are looking for a friendly staff that can guide you through a number of different dental treatments. Everyone who works on our staff is trained to look after the diverse issues one family can face.

We believe preventing a problem is much better than treating one once it has become a larger issue. That’s why we consider preventative dentistry to be one of the biggest tools we can use to help you.

One of the concerns everyone is facing is the growing number of preschool children who have cavities. Our North York dental services are especially geared towards the kind of preventative dentistry that starts young children off on the right foot. With our expertise and your parental guidance, we feel sure we can prevent oral diseases and find dental problems before they become complicated.

Newtonbrook Dental office in North York: We Want to See Your Smile

It’s important that our North York dental services help you to keep your smile and dental health in clear focus at all times. We are proud of the fact that your smile is our top priority. Remember, we are always accepting new patients for emergency, cosmetic and general dental work.

Every patient is very important to us. Our job satisfaction is in your smile. One of our other priorities is making sure that you get excellent care with the variety of the latest technologies including computerized one appointment crowns.

We are dedicated to making sure that any trip to the dentist for you or your family is something you look forward to. One of the big reasons that you should choose our dental services over any other is experience. We have decades of it.

What’s more, our offices are conveniently located with ample free parking. We understand how hectic the modern lifestyle can be and that’s why we also have flexible hours to suit you. If you take the time to check out our complete North York dental services, we’re sure you’ll find them excellent.