Cosmetic Dentistry in North York

We love our reputation as experts when it comes to North York cosmetic dentistry. Newtonbrook Dental office in North York treats each and every patient that comes through our doors with the utmost respect and dignity. A perfect smile from each of our patients is the best recommendation we could ask for.

We have experienced dentists on staff who have over 25 years of experience. When you come in and bring a member of your family you can rest assured that you are in capable dental hands. What’s more, we have carefully selected all of our staff to be friendly and helpful.

Cosmetic services:

  • veneers :

With latest advancements we can achieve far superior results cosmetically than we used to be able to to get.  Veneer is a shell made out of resin or porcelain that covers the facial and edge of the your teeth.  It can change the shape and shade and contour and form of your teeth. Veneers can add strength and they last for a long time. Each one of these materials have its own advantages and disadvantages.  Porcelain veneers have superior properties and are stronger and more beautiful and  resistant against discoloration.

Resin veneers cost less and are done quickly in one appointment, They are a good modality but the have a tendency to get discoloration after few years.

  • Diasthema closure:

Sometimes patients have spaces in between their front teeth that cosmetically is not appealing. Our solution is very easy and quick. We can close those spaces with resin in one appointment without pain or even shaving of your teeth and results are usually dramatic. Please come to our office and see the photos of our cases.

  • Whitening:

we have good options to make your teeth whiter and more appealing and younger.  We do in office whitening or take home kit system. At Newtonbrook Dentistry, we use well known Zoom technology for in office whitening and you can see a dramatic change of shade once you are a good candidate. Please come for free consultation.

Also we do take home kit. In this system we take impression of your teeth and then make a custom tray and give you special whitening kit and you would use it at home. After few days you see and good result.

Both techniques are great and have proven records.

  • Crown and bridge and implants:

We can bring a new style to your smile with use of above options. With the new technologies that are available we can reach to an optimum and superior results specially once you combine it with experience.  Years of grinding and periodontal disease and trauma to your teeth can take a toll out of your dentition. This can affect your smile dramatically.  We above options we can bring a healthier and appealing and younger smile.

  • Gum surgery for gummy smiles:

Sometimes the lip line is high so once the patient smiles they show lots of gum tissue which may not be pleasant. We can do gum surgeries to correct them and usually they are easy to achieve with dramatic change of smile.

  • Orthodontic treatment for cosmetic results:

Everybody knows that orthodontic treatment can bring dramatic change to your smile . This service is not age limited and everyone can take advantage of it. As the matter of fact a bulk of our patients that come for orthodontic treatment are adults that demand more beautiful and younger smile.  Having said so it’s good to mention that with orthodontic treatment not only we can move teeth and align them but also we can reposition the jaws and give a better profile to the patient.  Sometimes combination of orthodontics and surgery might be necessary.  This procedure can profoundly affect patients life that stays with them for ever.

Complete Experience

We want you to have a complete experience regardless of the dental services that you choose. That’s why our North York cosmetic dentistry practice includes all the latest innovations in the field. Staying on top of all cosmetic dental trends means being more efficient and producing better results for our patients.

Regardless of the procedure you choose, there’s a corresponding benefit to each of our cosmetic dental procedures. You might be looking to replace missing teeth and that’s where our dental implants come in. Remember these are expertly placed by our dental professionals. This North York cosmetic dentistry option is as close as you can get to your original teeth.

Correct Different Defects

With dental implants, you’ll look great and be able to smile and speak better with confidence. The processes we use correct different defects including gaps between your teeth as well as chips and cracks.

If you just don’t like smile, you can consider our North York cosmetic dentistry processes. There are a variety to choose from including teeth whitening. We have several different options here for you to choose from including procedures we do in the office and the ones that you can take home with you.

We truly try our best for every patient who comes to see us leave with a perfect smile and that’s a real testament to our dedication and commitment. It’s important to us to make sure that you look forward to a trip to the dentist. That’s why we’ve put together some very good reasons why you’ll enjoy our welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We have a team of expert professionals, including eight hygienists, that are ready to serve you.

Exactly the Treatments You Need

It’s the best way for us to carry out our promise to make sure that you get exactly the cosmetic dentistry treatments you need. If you want, we can combine several different procedures and mix-and-match different techniques so that you get this perfect smile that you’ve always been looking for.

Why Use Our North York Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Our patients tell us that the cosmetic dentistry processes we use help them to look younger. There are some common effects of aging that we can correct like discolouration. Through our teeth whitening or other services, our patients report they look and feel much more confident.

Sometimes, people report back to us that they chose to go this route for completely different reasons. Other patients tell us they had a cosmetic dentistry procedure in our offices to enhance their career prospects. When they look better, they actually work better and their confidence level is higher.

In other instances, there are more practical reasons for having any of these procedures done. For example, bonding can actually improve the strength of your teeth by covering up small fractures and edges that are worn.

The Bottom Line

Newtonbrook Dental office in North York supplies many different services to the benefit of our valuable clients. For us, there’s no better job satisfaction than seeing the boosted confidence you get with an enhanced smile.

When you take it upon yourself to improve your appearance, you’ll enjoy your life more. It’s even surprising how many doors will open or how much more you’ll enjoy social events that used to make you shy.

Why not get together today for a consultation on what our North York cosmetic dentistry practice can do for you?